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DogmaLigne Series: 

At present I am working on a series of drawings and paintings in large format, where the straight line is the main exponent of the creation of hermetic structures and stagnant designs. Stereotypical images mentally regenerated as specific structures ("mental architectures"), they make enigmatic allusions to landscape, architectural space, as a kind of formal parallelism between modern architecture and hard-edge painting. 

These geometric compositions owe their high contrast (figure-background) to a territorial reflection typically of hot regions, where the idealization and sharpness of lights and shadows are strongly marked. These images mediate between representation and abstraction. They are intuitive works planned and purified. They levitate in space with a contained sensitivity, a concentrated, refined energy; a kind of austere and sensible reflection. 

Two key components are involved in this process: the revealing unconscious and functional reasoning. The birth of the first one (the model) evolve through the use of an (electrical) device created to achieve the reproduction of lines and colors with effective precision. This construction of patterns is materialized with a repetitive harmony, sometimes random, but always rational in the sense of guaranteeing a uniform and absolute feeling to each artwork.