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Ricardo de Armas is a Cuban artist born in 1976. He lives and works in Bordeaux, France.


Graduated from Vicentina de la Torre Arts Academy in Camaguey city, Cuba in 1996, he continued his artistic training at the Cuban University “Instituto Superior de Arte” in Havana, Cuba in 2001 participating in workshops led by Tania Bruguera, one of the most important contemporary Cuban artists.


He taught art criticism in two Cuban art academies, deploying successfully his energy to help students to obtain a scholarship allowing them to achieve their potentials and getting a place at the Cuban Art University in Havana.


In his evolution as a creator, his approaches are always linked to a philosophical development as well as his islander condition.


Bearer of a critical culture of the socio-political reality, he uses the semantic art powers to create works that have an impact beyond the local context.


For Ricardo, the space-time phenomenon leads him to questioning about movement and its immobility. He represents them to reformulate us the tissue of everything that exists.


In his artistic production, his work follows and respects a rigorous protocol which allows him to transform into installation, painting, video, print on canvas, drawing, the object of his creative thought.

The staging of his productions is deliberately designed as a journey made up of passages between different mediums in order to highlight the transversality of art for an opening up of practices

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