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Born in Cuba in 1976,
lives and works in Bordeaux, France



1999 - 2001 Université des Arts Institute Supérieur des Arts (ISA)  Havana. Cuba

1992 - 1996 Secondary Studies in the Provincial Academy of Arts "Vicentina de la Torre" Specialty Engraving

Camagüey. Cuba




2023  Exhibition  "Dogmaligne Curve", 66 Cours Clemenceau, Bordeaux France

2022  Exhibition "Serie DogmaLigne", Château d’Issan (Margaux) Bordeaux, France

1999 Personal exhibition "Para comerte mejor” (to eat you up better) Plaza Vieja Gallery “La Casona”Havana, Cuba

1998 Performance ISA( Institute Superior of Art). Havana, Cuba.


2019 Collective Exhibition “Empreinte et Territoire” Cervantes Institute Bordeaux France

2018 Exhibition “Two Robust Cubans” Rezdechaussé, Curated by Ricardo de Armas

Lieu d'intention artistique Bordeaux, France

2017 Exhibition Relational Undercurrents: Contemporary Art of the Caribbean Archipelago,           MOLAA Museum of Latin American Art, California, United States.

2016 Collective Exhibition “Desde más lejos se ve más bonito” Curated by Ricardo de Armas

Rezdechaussé, Lieu d'intention artistique Bordeaux, France

2011 Collective Exhibition "La casa azul" Kingstow, St. Vincent and the Granadines

2009 II International Festival of Video Art., Camagüey, Cuba.

2008 I International Festival of Video Art. And XIV L "Fidelio Ponce de León’s Art Shop,Camagüey, Cuba.

2005 XI Winners Hall of fame, Development Center of Visual Arts, Havana, Cuba.

2004 XX Fidelio Ponce de León’s Art Shop, Camagüey, Cuba.

2003 XVIII City Hall. Camagüey, Cuba.

2002 Collective exhibition "Ventana" (Window) A.H.S. Gallery and XVI Expo. In the

Provincial Hall Arts Fidelio Ponce de León. Camagüey, Cuba.

2001 Collective exhibition "Llega y Pon" (arrive & put) ISA. In Havana, Cuba.

2000 X City Hall. Camagüey City and Collective Expo. At the "Proyecto Personal"

(personal proyect) Development Center Visual Arts. Habana, Cuba.

1999 "La Vida es un Carnaval "( Life is a Carnival). Project for the Popular Parties of the millennium.

IX at the City Hall. Collective exhibition "De Vacaciones" (on Vacation)

Alejo Carpentier Cultural Complex, Camagüey, Cuba.

1998 Collective exhibition with Group UPA at Amelia Peláez Gallery. Havana, Cuba.

1997 XIII Provincial exhibition Hall of Arts Fidelio Ponce de León. Camagüey, Cuba.

1996 XII Provincial exhibition of Arts Fidelio Ponce de León and also in the graduation ceremony of the intermedia students in the Provincial Center of Art. Camagüey, Cuba.





2021 Artist of the month for February 2021, Artjobs, international platform for arts and creative industries.

2008, A Reward from the Saínz Association XIV Provincial Hall of Arts Fidelio Ponce de León.Camagüey Cuba.

2005, A Reward for the Raúl Ferrer monument project in Yaguajay City, Sancti Spíritus, Cuba.

2004, 1° prize in the XX Provincial Hall of Arts Fidelio Ponce de León. Camagüey, Cuba

2003, 2° prize in the XIII in the City Hall, Camagüey Cuba

2000, 3° prize in the City Hall of Camagüey City, Reward from the AHS to the

creativity. Also on the same year a reward for the best scenography in "Santa

Lucía." Festival. Camagüey, Cuba

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