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Sculptural painting.


Drawings and paintings, where the straight line forms the basis of hermetic and fixed structures and concepts. Stereotyped images, regenerated into concrete structures (“mental architectures”), evoke the landscape, the architectonic space, a kind of formal parallelism between modern architecture and “Hard-Edge” painting.


These geometric compositions owe their high figure/background contrast to a territorial reflex specific to hot regions, where the contrasts of shadows and lights are strongly marked.


The images thus produced link figuration and abstraction. First intuitive, the works are then planned and aesthetically refined. They levitate in space with a contained sensitivity, a concentrated energy, relieved of the superfluous.


Two key components are involved in this process: the revealing unconscious and functional reasoning. Once born, the first model evolves through an artifact (an electrical device) created to obtain the reproduction of lines and colors with great precision. This construction of patterns materializes in a harmony that is either repetitive or random, but always rational in order to guarantee each work a uniform and absolute feeling.


In this case, for the artist, the machine is part of the process of materializing the work. It is a medium that conditions the idea and the result, a complicity of love and hate, one-way freedom, an exercise in domination and satisfaction.

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