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This work was conceived for  an exhibition called “Entre Amérique et Europe: Les utopies en transit”

From the artist personal experience it is a subject that has reached an abominable level of saturation where it has lost its initial meaning, its real concept.

His proposal was to reverse that transit from the dreamed to the real.

The real -of course -tactile towards the imagined, in the desire to narrow the distance between the real and the dreamed, to show only a small decoy of that other reality “the eye of an albino rabbit” that we all know very well, the one who guides everyone to another world.

"The Look", is also why the emphasis on this eye that looks and is looked after to create that complicity with the viewer, which at the same time is completely discovered on this white surface, impeccable, forced to place all your attention on this once artificial eye, and from this white purity to imagine that other unreal place is a poisoned treat, a fake invitation.

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